Year 2012
Han Schuil Gemälde / Paintings
Text by Birgit Sonna
32 pages; Galerie Binder, München



Year 2011
Han Schuil Gemälde / Paintings
Text by Ulrich Loock
64 pages
Publisher Hamish Morrison Galerie



Year 2009
Text by Paul Kempers
64 pages
Publisher Galerie Onrust



Year 2005
Later on we shall simplify things
Text by Tim Ayers, Ab van Hanegem, Jan van der Ploeg and Han Schuil
112 pages




Year 2000
Han Schuil Schilderijen / Paintings
1983 – 1999 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Text by Rudi Fuchs, Dominic van den Boogerd and Bert Jansen
120 pages; NAi Publishers


Year 1987
Text by Lynn Cooke and Mathilde Roskam
Museum Fodor